Monthly Archive: September 2016

Sep 20

but I’m afraid……..

                  I’m afraid of failing. Or I’m afraid I’ll do all that work and it will fail.          Hey, remember you’re a writer, (author gets a tad tedious after a while), the only way for a writer to fail is if he doesn’t write. …

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Sep 15

Fear Of Failure

So let’s look at REAL points of failure and what they mean:        FEAR OF FAILURE: Since we were all very little we have been taught to FEAR this thing called failure. But if we are constantly in the process of asking “What else could this mean? Or what have I actually learned, than no …

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Sep 10

you STILL havent started?

maybe you chose THIS as your excuse? “I don’t know where to start.” Really? You’re an author, or you want to be or you think you can be, start where the story starts, you know THE BEGINNING! This is not to say that this is where my books start, as a matter of fact I …

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Sep 05

WHY Havent you written your book?

You want to aggravate e to DEATH? Ask me for advice, USE my time to get it, then DONT TAKE IT! And I dont really hide this fact….so WHY would people come to me to learn to write a book, and get exactly how they can write a book…and then DONT WRITE THE BOOK Well …

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