but I’m afraid……..

                  I’m afraid of failing. Or I’m afraid I’ll do all that work and it will fail.

         Hey, remember you’re a writer, (author gets a tad tedious after a while), the only way for a writer to fail is if he doesn’t write. I HAD A VERY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE ONCE SAY, “What would you do if you KNEW you could not fail” I heard dozens and dozens of ideas, but I never heard “Write a book” why? Because the only way to fail at writing a book is to not actually write the darned book. Now that does not mean there are no failed writers out there. A very good friend of mine tried to write a book for over 40 years for his doctoral thesis. He never got around to it, and actually he did start it, he just never finished it. He got married had kids he let life get in the way. But remember he wasn’t a failure, he was actually very successful at what he did, he just never finished writing his book, he has since passed on. So as long as you start the book, follow my system and work for 21 days straight you will finish the book. Therefore you can not fail!

         But that’s not what you really meant was it? What you REALLY meant was that you didn’t want to fail at making a career as a a writer. This course is not to crank out copy writers, or serial writers or quit your job in 30 day writers or anything like that. This is about writing your book. Would I love to have an entire stable of clients that I could point to and say, “Well the last 99 folks that have followed MY methods have produced award winning literary tomes that will be forever enshrined in libraries throughout the modern world.” But I can’t. What I can say is that I can point to 99 folks who had never written anything past their 11trh grade report and now have at least one if not more books published and available for sale at these locations…..

       So the only way that you can fail at being a writer is to set your goals to an unrealistic height. Now the challenge with setting your goals too low, is you may actually reach them, and wouldn’t THAT be depressing! So I suggest that you set several levels of goals dependent upon what time it is, for example, this is a 21 day course, so your first goal should be at 7 days, then 14 then 21.

        Now you can determine what youre going to do with the rest of your life, or you can go back to doing exactly what you have always been doing! But whatever you decide to do:

Don t stop reading, and NEVER stop writing!

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