Fear Of Failure

So let’s look at REAL points of failure and what they mean:

       FEAR OF FAILURE: Since we were all very little we have been taught to FEAR this thing called failure. But if we are constantly in the process of asking “What else could this mean? Or what have I actually learned, than no failure has been achieved!

a.       Remember Failure is just an occurrence, NOT a destination. No one PLANS to fail, nor do they even WANT to fail. But maybe we spend SO much time focused on NOT failing that we run into THAT wall instead!

b.      If you allow yourself to KNOW that you CAN fail, then guess what? Failure WILL be the outcome. Don’t even make that an acceptable outcome. Have you ever seen those folks who start to “cushion themselves for the fall before the project is even ½ over?” Don’t those folks just make you REALLY angry? Instead of contributing to moving something forward they have already accepted failure as an outcome and determined that, they will make sure that THEY are blameless! Hey not only have a fear of failure, but a fear of WINNING as well!

c.       Always remember that Failures, when they DO happen are ALWAYS the precursors to success. Look at ANY great inventor through the ages. Thomas Edison himself said it best” I did NOT fail to create a light bulb 1000 times, instead I just found 999 ways NOT to build a good light bulb!

d.      Risk is ALL about getting in the FIGHT! If you don’t get a black eye every now and then, maybe it’s a ‘course correction’ from the boss, and then you’re not REALLY in the fight! If you are IN the day to day development of an idea, you WILL get dirty, and when you get dirty you WILL find someone who does NOT agree with your ideas. That is NOT a failure, just ANOTHER way of looking at something OTHER than the way YOU are used to! Cherish those ideas, even if you don’t get the credit, you are part of the process and it will rub off on you in a way that YOU can use someday.

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