Monthly Archive: August 2016

Aug 30

This one is becoming more prevelant…….

– Lack of PASSION– This is the saddest symptom of all, when you have workers who have just LOST (or worse, never HAD) a sense of passion for what they do. Admittedly we are not ALL doing the work that we dreamed of doing when we were younger. Even if we have the title we …

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Aug 20

one of my PET PEEVES – A Sense of entitlement?

   Naïve Sense of Entitlement. We are watching an ENTIRE generation grow up with EXACTLY this. We are watching a generation of children, raising children. These are people who were NOT out of mom’s house and yet found themselves pregnant, and now they have to raise a child when they don’t know how to care …

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Aug 15

Lack of confidence?

  Lack of Confidence. This one often goes hand in hand with our previous issue. If you are told OFTEN enough, at a young enough age, that YOU HAVE FAILED, you will start to internalize that, and make it your own. DO NOT EVER let anyone label you with an ID that you don’t agree …

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Aug 05

IF FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! – why is there even a check box for it on the firm of life? – continued…

First off, they might want to Re-Frame their definition of failure, and then determine if they crossed any of the lines that perhaps contributed TO failure in today’s society. So, now for a reframe. Did they have any part in the vendor NOT being willing to sign the security agreement? One would certainly hope not. …

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