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This is the saddest symptom of all, when you have workers who have just LOST (or worse, never HAD) a sense of passion for what they do. Admittedly we are not ALL doing the work that we dreamed of doing when we were younger. Even if we have the title we always thought we wanted, chances are that there is many times where nothing is happening, and it’s during those times that we may forget the DRIVING REASON, our passion, for what we’re doing!

  Without passion and the excitement and the energy that they create it is VERY difficult to be successful. You almost find yourself in a cyclical issue. You feel like you’re tired all the time, therefore its hard to get excited about what your doing at work, therefore you turn in mediocre performances, which yields little if ANY accolades from your superiors, which seems to make the entire process so much more worthless of the time and energy you DO have and invest into the issue or projects. So you are assigned smaller and less important projects until you can “prove yourself” which further sucks at your self esteem, and it just starts to spiral downward from there.

  Passion is what makes the work LESS work and more fun. When work becomes work then you start to dread your situation, you start looking around for a better situation, perhaps another assignment in the same company, perhaps even in another company. The only REAL challenge there is let’s say you FIND a “better” job. Unless you develop dome REAL drive and passion for the assignments that you are going to be receiving at this posting you’re going to wake up one day in the exact same situation, then you start to develop the feeling that its all just one thing after another, when in reality the truth is, you can change jobs all you want, the face that stares back at you in the mirror every morning is what’s going to determine if you have fun that day. That face staring back will either have a GREAT day or “just another day”. So you find yourself in this situation, maybe you call it a rut! – You know a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out – NOW what do you do?

as a wise man once said—-LIVE WITH PASSION!

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