WHY Havent you written your book?

You want to aggravate e to DEATH? Ask me for advice, USE my time to get it, then DONT TAKE IT!

And I dont really hide this fact….so WHY would people come to me to learn to write a book, and get exactly how they can write a book…and then DONT WRITE THE BOOK

Well some folks have a reason that has some validity to it, all the rest, well Ive boiled it down to the following…

The most generic reason is this…

But it’s too hard……Umm yes, life can be hard, however I am quite sure that if you are sentient being of average intelligence or above, you not only CAN write a book, but you also probably have at least one pretty darned good story rattling around up there. As a matter of fact even a few of you with below average intelligence may have some more interesting story ideas, we may just need to watch a little closer during the EDITING process. But hard? Well, maybe,.,

However, as I suggest in my other column “Pick an excuse ANY EXCUSE, just stick with it!” You do not want to be a quitter. So I’m going to toss out a few of the most common complaints I get, usually when folks get stuck, somewhere between the foreword and the introduction, and want a really valid reason for quitting. By the way, before we get too far, there aint one.

There are others and in the following weeks I hope to lay them out and destroy them for you, so you dont EVER have to worry about them again!

Keep reading, and PLEASE keep on writing…

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