IF FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! – why is there even a check box for it on the firm of life?

This begins a short series on starting and FINISHING what you start and on why its not even conceivable to think about quitting!

If you FAIL to plan than you are PLANNING to FAIL!  We have ALL heard phrases like this. The best of course is the one that says “Failure is NOT an option.” Of course it’s not an option. It is unfortunately a RESULT, depending on how you look at things it could be am OUTCOME, but I can’t ever REMEMBER anyone ever saying, “Yes, today I think I’ll choose FAILURE.”

So if that’s true, and occasionally we have ALL missed our goals, or not quite reached our desired outcomes, see there are a LOT of different ways to phrase it, then WHY do we occasionally end up somewhere OTHER than where we intended?

Well one path may have been through poor planning, or not planning at all could certainly move us in a direction OTHER than that which we wish to end up. Additionally FOCUSING on the wrong thing could obtain a similar result. I have a great friend of mine who starts one of his award winning presentations asking the following question: “Which way does a motorcycle go?” See motorcycles are unique forms of transport, with only 2 wheels and a tremendous amount f balance required they only go in one direction, WHATEVER direction YOU, the driver, is LOOKING. Your life is the exact same way. Whatever you stay focused on, is where you will end up!

So when you’re coming around that turn, perhaps more than. a LITTLE faster than you should and you find your back end vying for the attention of where you front end SHOULD be you will actually end up wherever you are looking. In accordance with the laws of Physics, which I wont go into here, you will turn your front wheels in the SAME direction as the one in which you are sliding, but you want to focus your attention on the point that you want to end your slide. So if you’re sliding towards the wall, and you’re turned TOWARDS the wall, guess what happens next? Yep you got it CRASH right into THAT WALL!

So what SHOULD you be looking at, well actually you want to turn your tires in the direction your sliding, and then FOCUS your attention on a spot that is safely somewhere PAST that wall. This is the EXACT same strategy that you need to be using in your life.

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