Well, its been Three years now…

…and I can proudly say I have published more books than I ever thought POSSIBLE just by committing a few weeks at a time. More importantly it seems as though every-time I finish one two more start being written in my head!


So, were going to try something new, actually a few things.


Now I KNOW this is dangerous, the gurus all say if youre going to change things do it one at a time and measure them for a while after every change! But I never took direction very well anyway, so here goes.


I’m scrubbing everything out and starting over, but with a twist! This year I’m going to start 3 more books and I’m going to show them to you as I write each and every one.


Right here in the home page will be the general tips and tricks, this is information you’re going to want to take note of, as its going tro show you exactly what I doi and when I do it!


But you’ll also notice some interesting tabs at the top of the posts and they will direct you to my newest material.


Is this a good idea? A bad idea, running walking, driving home..


just remember to write every day….


and never. don’t never stop[ reading!



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  1. A nail file can sand down rough edges, too.

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